Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Leila Cavett went missing on July 25, 2020. She was last seen on CCTV at 10:30 pm in Miramar, FL. Her last time on the internet was at 11:42 pm. She was with Shannon Ryan, who was arrested on August 17, 2020 on federal kidnapping charges, after leaving Leila’s young son alone in an apartment car park.

The Chart

The chart starts at 18 Pisces, making Jupiter the chart ruler. Jupiter is in the 10th house of the public. This makes sense because this is the time she was caught on camera (Neptune) in public (10th house). Neptune is conjunct the AC and square Venus on the IC, so it appears she was actively being deceived at this time. She may have been drugged shortly after this photo was taken. The 18th degree of any sign is known as the “evil degree”.

Venus is at 19 Gemini. It is conjunct fixed star Bellatrix, which shows suffering through love affairs owing to unrestrained feelings. It is conjunct asteroids Cyane (destructive melancholy or failing to rescue), Medusa (rape), Bacchus (drunk or high), Phaethon (vehicle), Echo (tell someone what they want to hear, to imitate), Xanthippe (domestic abuse or violence), and Pax (don’t rock the boat).

Chiron is in the 1st house in Aries makes me wonder if she suffered a head injury, yet Chiron is conjunct Heracles, which could indicate some type of poisoning. Chiron is also at the home of Algenib, a fixed star that can show violence.

Chiron is also conjunct Mars at 15 Aries. He is conjunct asteroid Klytaemnestra, which indicates a violent murder. Mars is conjunct Black Moon Lilith, which can show someone out of control. It is conjunct fixed star Baten Kaitos, which can also indicate blows and stabbings.

This pair is part of an aspect pattern called a grand square. A grand square is formed when two or more planets are opposite each other while simultaneously being square on each side by two or more other planets who are also opposite each other. This gives a feeling of being boxed in and unable to escape. Chiron/Mars are opposite the moon and Juno in the 7th house of partnerships. The moon rules your mood and emotions, while Juno represents a wife or spouse, and it looks like Shannon’s mind was on love (or lust). Moon/Juno is on the fixed star Algorab, which describes destructiveness, malevolence, fiendishness, repulsiveness, and lying. So whatever “partnership” Shannon was offering Leila, it wasn’t what it seemed. The moon and Juno are with asteroids Dike (moral justice), Hidalgo (brute strength), Elatus (smooth-talking deceit), and Hebe (young girl). This last asteroid, Hebe, is very interesting because on July 26, a few hours after he dumped Leila’s two-year-old son in an apartment complex parking lot, he made a post claim that “yesterday some woman called me a pedophile and serial killer in the making.”

Both Chiron/Mars and moon/Juno are square the chart ruler, Jupiter, along with Pallas, Saturn, and Pluto which are in the 10th house of the public in Capricorn. Pallas and Jupiter are both at violent degrees and around two fixed stars that indicate theft. We know that Shannon Ryan tried to sell Leila’s truck after she disappeared. Jupiter is conjunct asteroids Amycus (power extremes, innocent victim of violence), Arete (virtue), Cupido (to have a crush on someone), Werdandi (the present time), Arawn (master of trickery), Antigone (family secrets erupting), and Mathesis (student of the mind).

That massive amount of energy in the 10th house is opposite Mercury (children, cars, communication) in the 4th house of the home, the end of the matter and the grave. It is conjunct asteroid Shannon, as well as Amalthea ( relates to themes of power, will, discernment, and vulnerability), Karma (About to bite him in his ass!), Kallisto (rape), Dido (another rape asteroid), and Hygeia (health). The asteroid Shannon is partile (almost perfectly) trine asteroid Nessus (abuse) and Ceres (mother or caretaker). This may indicate that Shannon felt taken advantage of. They are in the 12th house of hidden things and secrets.

What I think happened

I believe that Ms. Cavett was lured to Florida under false pretenses. She somehow angered Mr. Ryan, who murdered her, threw her body in a dumpster, and abandoned her two-year-old son in the middle of an apartment parking lot.