Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

On February 13, 2017, best friends Libby German and Abby Williams were lured to the Monon High Bridge, expecting to meet a boy. They never returned to the car park to meet their ride. By dinner time police and family were out searching. The girls were found murdered in the woods next to the bridge. On October 26, 2022, Richard Allen of Delphi, IN was arrested for their murders.

This is the chart of the time that Libby uploaded a picture of Abby to Snapchat. A few moments later, they were accosted by Richard Allen.

The 7th house of a crime chart is considered the house of the perpetrator. We can see that it starts in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Conjunct the Descendant we find the personal name asteroid (PNA) Kagan*, which I chose for Kegan Kline, who is another person of interest in this case. He was responsible for the Anthony_Shots account that had communicated with Libby the night before the murders and had set up a meeting for that day on the Monon High Bridge. Being in the 7th house shows us he was definitely a “partner” in this crime. Pluto conjunct Libby is also here at 18/19 Capricorn. 18 is the evil degree. Also here at 18 Capricorn is asteroid Toro (brutal force). I shudder to think about what happened to her. 18 is also indicative of clothing. We were told that the killer(s) took a trophy. Could it be an article of Libby’s clothing?

We also notice that Kagan* is trine Tony* who is in the 11th house of associates and friends. This clearly shows us that Tony Kline was also an associate of Allens. Tony* is conjunct Photographica, an asteroid that describes photos or videos. This pair is sextile Neptune and asteroid Gunn, who are conjunct Pallas (planning) and the mid-heaven or MC, which is the public point of a crime chart. This may be showing us that Tony Kline was responsible for either providing photos of the girls to Allen or even may have been present photographing the murder. We certainly don’t have any further details of the crime with Allen arrested. Both Kagan* and Tony* are at 10 degrees. According to Val Evans “Often seen when an accomplice waits around the corner or if the killer waits for the victim.” I believe there were others lying in wait for the girls. Asteroid Gunn shows us the girls were controlled by Allen brandishing his gun and ordering the girls “down the hill”.

We see that Tony/Photographica are also square the Point of Fortune (POF – point of success), also at the 10 degree (and they were successful until recently), along with Mercury (the girls). Mercury is at 9 Aquarius, which is a misfortunate degree. This shows us how the girls were at a disadvantage. The 9th degree is also the Sagittarius degree, which rules bridges. They are in the 8th house of death. The 8th house also rules other people’s money, and being square Tony/Photographica indicates they intended to profit from this crime, but were perhaps unable to.

We find the Personal Name Asteroid AbbyWilliams (how interesting it is exactly her name!) conjunct Uranus in the 11th house of friends and acquaintances. They are sextile the Sun (co-ruler of the perp) and the PNA Richard. This could indicate that he came upon them suddenly. They are in a T-Square with Jupiter opposing and both squaring Pluto. Jupiter is at Libra 23. The 23rd degree is the “to cut degree”. The Arabic Part of Murder and Sickness lies with Jupiter as well.

The ruler of the chart is the moon, and it represents the girls. It is in the 4th house of the end of the matter, also “the grave”. The 29th degree shows an ending. Asteroid Siwa (destruction) shows us it wasn’t a very pleasant ending. The moon is opposite Mars (perp) and Venus (girls) in the 10th house of the public. Venus at 7 degrees (best friend) and Mars at 12 degrees (criminals) show us Allen and the girls on the bridge (10th house, out in public).

The moon is also opposite Chiron at 22 Pisces. This is the home of the fixed star Markeb (violent death). Asteroid Apophis (horrible, unforgivable acts) is conjunct as well. Both the moon and Chiron are square Saturn in the 6th house of misfortune at 25 Sagittarius. The 25th degree shows us weapons and blood. The asteroid Ixion (murderer) is here too.

What I think happened:

I believe that Abby and Libby were lured to the Monon High Bridge by Kagen Kline on February 12, 2017, via social media. I think Kagen then contacted his father (and Allen, either himself or through his dad), who then arranged the murder.

With Saturn at 25 Saggitarius so close to the whistleblower degree, I believe that Allen will name his co-conspirators.

For more information on this case and many more please visit Forensic Astrologer on YouTube.