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Tylee Ryan was reported missing along with her adopted 7 year old brother J.J. Vallow on November 26, 2019. She had not been seen since a September  8, 2019 trip to Yellowstone National Park. On June 6, 2020 Rexburg police and FBI agents discovered their bodies at their step-father Chad Daybell’s property.

Tylee was last seen on Sept. 8, 2019. On Sept 9, 2019, at 9:21 am, Alex Cox, Tylee’s maternal uncle’s phone pinged at the gravesite located on the Daybell property.

The Chart:

The chart starts at 12 Libra, home of fixed star Algorab, the repulsive one, or the liar.  It gives destructiveness, malevolence, fiendishness, repulsiveness, and lying, and is connected with scavenging. Asteroid Lucretia, which portends rape, the collapse of a kingdom, suicide, honor, and being blackmailed or manipulated sexually. Did Lori blackmail Alex into this? Asteroids Patientia (patience or patients) and Lumiere (light) are also conjunct. The Arabic Part of Captivity is here as well.

Libra is ruled by Venus, which is in the 12th house of hidden things conjunct asteroid Tilly (close in sound to Tylee) at 23 Virgo. This is the home of Denebola which, when with Venus can indicate ruin through love affairs. Venus is conjunct Mercury, and when with Denebola can show loss of a family member through malignant disease (can include mental illness,)

Venus and Mercury are square asteroids Asbolus (soot), opposite (because of) Borasissi (lies we tell ourselves), sextile (opportunity) Ceto (monster inside) and trine Pluto (death).

Saturn (the body) is conjunct the 4th house (the grave). It is with fixed star Vega showing a sudden death. It is conjunct asteroid Hopi (ambush). Saturn is trine Mars (perpetrator, violence). Saturn is opposite asteroids Arachne (web of lies) and the north node (destiny). sextile asteroids Dziewanna (life/death issues) and Black Moon Lilith, mean Apogee (wild woman) and trine Lempo (perversion of love).

Saturn is also conjunct Pluto (death) which is also in the 4th house of the grave. Pluto is conjunct Chariklo (to bear witness), Seraphina (Fiery One), Medusa (beheaded, Tylee was dismembered), and Felicitas (happiness). Pluto is trine Mercury. Pluto is square asteroid Atropos (the end), and sextile (opportunity) Ceto (monster inside).

The moon is also in the 4th house. The moon can represent the mother or the missing, but Tylee was not missing at this time. Close enough to Pluto to be considered conjunct, the moon is at the home of fixed star Terebellum which gives a fortune but with regret and disgrace, cunning, a mercenary nature, and repulsiveness. This describes both Lori and Chad in my opinion, The moon is conjunct asteroid Erigone (suicide or self-sabotage), Oenone (vengefulness), Priska (adopting new religious practices and beliefs), and Melusina (Personal transformations which necessitate secrecy). It is opposite Sisyphus (unending task), Cyllarus (means, motive, opportunity), and Tantalus (tantalize). It is sextile Manwe (verbally abusive), Photographica (images), and Asclepius (to cut open, prophetic dreams). It is trine Vesta (messes we make) and Isis (an indicator of dismemberment).

In the 9th house of the outdoors is the asteroid Graves, which is opposite (because of) the asteroid Lorifini (Lori is finished). Lori is conjunct Persephone (kidnapping). It is also part of a grand trine in earth as it is trine Juno (partner) in the 11th house of group endeavors and trines Uranus (sudden) conjunct fixed star Hamal (cruel and premeditated crime) in the 7th house of open partners, enemies and spouses.

Alex is in the 10th house of the public conjunct asteroid Liberatrix (liberator).

Mars (murder, violence, perpetrator) is conjunct the Sun (authority, father) in the 11th house of group endeavors. They are conjunct fixed star Mizar which indicates fires. They are trine Saturn at the IC. They are opposite Neptune (deceit, delusion, religion) and Black Moon Lilith (out of control)in the 5th house of the child and square Jupiter in the 3rd house of the neighborhood, aunts and uncles, communications and transportation. It’s pretty clear that Alex transported Tylee to Chad Daybell’s property. This forms a t-square, which shows tension-spurring action. It also means Jupiter is the mid-point of Sun/Neptune and Mars/Neptune. John Sandbach says that Sun/Neptune=Jupiter can show going to excess in religious matters and Mars/Neptune=Jupiter shows an eagerness and enthusiasm to engage in passionate idealism.

Sun/Mars are conjunct asteroid Arabella (to innocently provoke anger), Zelia (zealous), Leocadia (sacrifice for a religious reason), Rhiphonos (distorted image), Bacchus (to be drunk or drugged), Chrysothemis (golden justice), Cybele (outwardly profess belief while clinging to old ones), Themis (natural law and divine order). They are square asteroid Phaethon (vehicle) and Siwa (re-writing the rulebook) as well. They are opposite  Neptune and Black Moon Lilith (mean Apogee, wild woman) and square Jupiter (the benefactor, helper and Altjira (blind spot). They are sextile true node (destiny), Arachne (spinning a web of deceit), trine Pelion (working as a group), Amycus (great power), Lempo (perversion of love), and Hopi (to ambush).

Neptune and Black Moon Lilith are conjunct fixed star Ankaa (a new way to see). They are conjunct asteroids Vinifera (wine), Lalage (talk too much), and Teharonhiawako (light/dark dichotomies).

Jupiter is at the home of the fixed star Sarin which indicates poison or poison gas. (Did they asphyxiate Tylee with exhaust fumes?) Jupiter is conjunct asteroid Admete (tight spot).

What I think happened:

This chart is of the phone ping when Alex Cox arrived at the Daybell home. Reading the chart in its totality shows me that Tylee and Lori had been fighting the night before. Perhaps Tylee threatened to tell on her mother. I believe that Alex and Lori drugged Tylee and after she was pliable Alex took her to the Daybell residence. There wasn’t an attached garage and I don’t think they would have risked someone seeing them move a body. I think she may have been poisoned at the Daybell’s residence with whatever they planned to use on Tammy, or she may have been gassed with automotive fumes. We already know that her body was burned, I didn’t read the autopsies nor listen to that testimony in Chad Daybell’s preliminary hearing, so I don’t know if they will be able to determine the cause of death. They should be able to with J.J. Vallow. The body dismemberment and burning are clearly shown in the chart, as well as the lust of the new love affair (I didn’t write much about this), the religious delusions, the power struggles, and the deceit and duplicity of Lori Vallow and Chad Daybell.

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