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Suzanne Morphew was reported missing on May 10, 2020 by a neighbor. Her husband Barry Morphew was out of town on a job and her two daughters were expected home later that day from a camping trip. When she couldn’t be reached, a neighbor phoned 911.

What I think happened:

This disappearance seems to be a murder for profit disguised as an abduction. It might also have been over infidelity. I believe she was buried in a mineshaft or well, or a very deep hole. I do believe her body will be found and the case resolved.

The chart:

The chart starts at 24 Libra. Libra is ruled by Venus. Libra represents partnerships and justice. Venus rules women. Conjunct is asteroid Honoria (the honored one).

Venus is in the 8th house of death. She is conjunct Asbolus (pit of horror), Urhixidur (domestic life), Apollo (great beauty)  and Columbia (violence or lure of big money). She is at the home of Bellatrix, which shows great suffering due to love affairs.  She is square Neptune in the 5th house of addictions, and trine (easy action) Mars on the 5th house cusp.

Neptune is at 20 Pisces and is joined by asteroids Erato (feminine power of seduction), Persephone (abduction), Tanina (public visibility leads to danger) and Winchester (violence due to guns). This could be an indication that Suzanne was shot.

Mars (the perp, anger, violence) is on the 5th house cusp at 28 Aquarius. He is conjunct Icarus (need to be free), Damocles (impending disaster) and Polyxo (family tragedies). Mars is square Mercury which is also in the 8th house of death.

Mercury is at 28 Taurus. This is conjunct a violent fixed star named Algol which brings violence, murder and sudden death. It can also indicate decapitation. Mercury is conjunct asteroids Photographica (photos),  and Sedna (victim, violence, dismemberment, losing one’s inheritance).

Mercury is also loosely conjunct the Sun, which is on the 8th house cusp at 20 Taurus. This is considered one of the violent degrees. It is conjunct Mors-Somnus (dying in ones sleep), Itokawa (beginning of a bad experience), Nuwa (wall builder) and Bathsheba (irresistible attractions).

Uranus is in the 7th house of partnerships and open enemies. It is at the home of Hamal, which shows cruel and premeditated crimes. It is part of two irritation triangles, the first with asteroid Barry and another asteroid I won’t highlight, which can show a sudden burst of anger due to opposing pressures. There is a second irritation triangle that includes Chiron conjunct asteroid Devience, both semi-sextile Uranus, and opposite asteroid Juno (partner), who is hiding out in the 12th house of hidden secrets, and is conjunct asteroid Hebe (young girl).

Saturn is conjunct Pallas and the 4th house cusp at 2 Aquarius. The asteroid Pallas shows us intelligence and planning. This is the home of fixed star Altair, and with Saturn it shows sorrows and disappointments, mental disturbances and separations.

Where is Suzanne?

According to the 911 chart, her body should be close to home as Saturn, which represents our bodies after death, is in the 4th house which shows our home and also the grave. It is in Aquarius, which is a social sign, so she could be close to where people congregate. The sign on the 4th house cusp is Capricorn, which shows us she is in the ground. Aquarius shows us she is West by North, the 4th house shows us a Northerly direction. Aquarius can indicates mines, which are plentiful in Colorado, so I plugged in two asteroid that indicates mines, Minenz and Shaftesbury. Minenz is in the 4th house at 20 Aquarius, conjunct the Arabic Part of Danger of Violence, and this is square the Sun on the 8th house cusp, and Shaftesbury is partile conjunct the true node which can indicate destiny, which is in the 9th house of the outdoors.


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