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On Friday, July 10, 2015, Jessica Mitchell and Vernal Kunz called 911 to report their 2-year-old son, Deorr Kunz missing. They claimed they had been camping with Jessica’s grandfather, Bob Walton, and his friend Isaac Reinwand when the boy disappeared.


Since then, the parents, along with extended family members, have told multiple versions of what exactly happened that day. The parents took and failed multiple polygraph tests, and in fact, no one polygraphed in this case has passed. In January of 2016, Lemhi County declared Jessica Mitchell and Vernal Kunz suspects.

I became involved with this case through extended family members on July 13, 2015. My initial reading was that Deorr may have been killed in a kidnapping gone wrong, and his body placed in a deep hole or mineshaft. This was based on my astrology and the limited information available to me at that time. I was given “inside” information from Trina Clegg and Jessica Mitchell. I felt he was about 10 miles to the northwest of the campsite, close to Blue Jay mine and Devil’s Lake.


Since we’ve found that nothing the parents have said has proven to be true, we have to rely on other verifiable sources. The above chart is the time of the 911 call. We know that Jessica made this call (there were two others), and this is shown by the sign of Libra on the Ascendant or the “beginning” of the chart. Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, which represents women, and is the sign of justice, and a woman is calling law enforcement.

The Chart

The Ascendant is at 24 Libra, the home of the fixed star Spica, which shows injustice to an innocent [Robson*, p.211.]. Jessica may be reporting her son missing, but this reveals what may have really happened to him. Something terrible.


Venus is in the 10th house of the public and the mother, in the sign of Leo. Leo rules the Sun, which represents the father and the authorities. Leo also rules the 5th house of children. This is also the sun sign of Vernal. What this shows is that Jessica is contacting law enforcement under the influence of Vernal. This was proven later by private investigator Phillip Klein through cell pings. The parents claimed that Jessica called 911 from the campsite while Vernal went “hauling down the road” looking for a better signal. The ping evidence showed his phone was in the same spot as Jessica’s, and his voice could be heard during her 911 call through enhancement.

The Sun

The Sun, which represents the father as well as the authorities, is in the 9th house, which rules the outdoors, in the sign of Cancer, a water sign which rules the moon and mothers. So, Vernal is under Jessica’s influence as well. The Sun is conjunct an asteroid named Shaftsbury, which can indicate being buried in a deep narrow well or shaft. Now, the Sun is separating or moving away from the asteroid, so this shows him recently leaving the shaft, probably the day before, as the sun moves one degree a day. In my opinion, Deorr’s body was hidden Thursday night or early Friday morning. I’ll recap my entire theory at the end of this post.


Also in the 9th house is the planet Mars. Mars can represent the murderer or perpetrator, anger and rage, or a young man. We know that Isaac was on this trip, and we don’t know exactly where he was during the 911 call, but since Mars is not very close to the Sun (Vernal), I would say Isaac was away from the campsite at this time. Still, it is considered a conjunction, although the aspect is separating, so it happened in the past.


Mercury is in the 9th house as well. Mercury represents children and communication. Jessica is telling (Mercury) 911 that they were outside camping (9th house) with their child (Mercury). Again, we can look to the fixed stars to show us the true conditions, Mercury is conjunct Tejat Posterior,  “Symbolically called the Abused or Beaten One”.  [Robson*, p.163.]

The moon

The moon is considered the co-ruler in charts involving the technique called horary. It is also the traditional ruler of the lost and represents infants as well as mothers. The moon is in the 7th house of open enemies, partners, and in crime charts that of the perpetrator. The moon is also conjunct the personal name asteroid Jessica*. Now normally I like to keep the orb (or distance) between a name asteroid and any point very tight, 1 degree or less, but the moon is very fast moving and applying, it’s literally just a few seconds out of orb.


The moon is also supporting Neptune (deceit) at 9 Pisces, a degree known as the body in the ditch degree, a major forensic indicator of murder disguised as a disappearance with the body hidden. Neptune is the 5th house of children, so she may be lying about what happened to him.


The moon is also trine (an easy flow) with Pluto (death, destruction) who is in the 3rd house of communication. This means that her position in the 7th house is from whatever caused the Pluto energy. Yet Jessica is only reporting her son missing. She isn’t reporting some horrible event, which is what Pluto usually represents. This is why the trine to Neptune, because of her involvement (7th house) with whatever happened to Deorr (Pluto in 3rd) she has to lie (Neptune) about what happened (body in the ditch) to him (5th house of children).

Other Forensic Indicators

Another forensic indicator is the moon’s and Jessica*’s position at a degree of violence in the sign of Taurus. Other ominous signs are the asteroids Fini (it is done) and Juvesia (juvenile) conjunct the moon. Finally, we see Venus in the 10th house (of the public) opposite (because of) the asteroid Minenz (another significator of a mine shaft).

So did Jessica kill Deorr? Well, I wouldn’t be too quick to rule Vernal out just yet. His name asteroid Vernel is at 9 Taurus, a degree of homicide. This is exactly sextile (in an opportunity with, or supported by) Neptune (deceit) at another degree of homicide.

What do I think happened?

I believe that Vernal, Jessica, Bob, and Isaac were in Leadore Thursday night but not for camping. Something happened to little Deorr, and the camping trip was conceived to hide evidence. He was killed either by a vehicle or in a vehicle by abuse, probably the latter. His body was hidden in a deep mine shaft or well.

Tell me in the comments what you think happened!