Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

J.J. Vallow, 7, was last seen on September 22, 2019. When his grandparents couldn’t reach him through his mother, Lori Vallow, they initiated a wellness check with the Rexburg Police Department. On June 9, 2020, J.J. Vallow’s body was recovered from the property of Lori’s new husband, Chad Daybell. As in his sister Tylee Ryan’s death, we can ascertain the time of his death through the cell phone pings of his uncle, Alex Cox.

The Chart:

The chart starts at 0 Scorpio. Scorpio is the sign that rules investigations and secrets and is co-ruled by Mars and Pluto. The 0 Degree is also known as an Aries Point degree and can denote something of public renown or interest. This makes perfect sense since it was J.J.’s disappearance that alerted his grandparents that something was wrong, which started the police (Mars) investigation (Scorpio). In fact, besides the ascendant and descendant, the Sun is also at an Aries Point at 0 Libra and the asteroid Chad* is at 0 Gemini. Conjunct the Ascendant is the asteroid Rhadamanthus (to judge).

In the 2nd house, asteroid Ceres (mother) is opposite JoshuaJacob (personal name asteroid for Joshua Jayson), which is in the 8th house of death. Conjunct Ceres is asteroid Aida (to aid or help). Conjunct JoshuaJ* are asteroids Klotho (beginnings), Hygeia (health), Fraternatas (brother), and Aspasia (unconventional relationships and partnerships).

Close by Ceres is Jupiter, the helper. He is at the home of fixed star Sabik, showing trouble from relatives. Asteroids here are Aeternitas (eternity), and Admete (tight). We know that J.J. was found tightly bound in blankets, duct tape, and plastic. Jupiter is square Neptune, which shows big delusions. It is square asteroid Rhiphonos (boogeyman). It’s also trine Urania, which indicates astrology. Hey, maybe this will help!

Neptune is again in the 5th house of children conjunct Black Moon Lilith (wild woman, out of control). They are more loosely opposite Mars and the Sun. Neptune opposite Sun can show a disconnect with reality while Mars opposite can show a roundabout way of doing something. Neptune is conjunct asteroid Gryphia (dark and tragic matters). Neptune is trine asteroids  Astraea (Goddess of Justice), Requiem (death), Orpheus (coma) and Child.

The Sun is again in the 11th house of group endeavors and is also at an Aries Point, 0 Libra. This is the home of Nodus I, which indicates poison. It is conjunct asteroid Rhodope, which shows vain pretensions leading to a fall from grace, and M87, which shows a massive hunger. The Sun is square Pholus (turning point or shooting yourself in the foot).

Saturn is in the 3rd house of neighbors, aunts and uncles, communication, and transportation. It is at the home of fixed star Nunki which can show a religious mind and ambition thwarted by enemies. With Saturn are asteroids Hopi (to ambush), Amacitia (friendship), Bohemia (wild), Siegena (to siege), and Amycus (power extremes). Saturn is conjunct Pluto (death and destruction).

Pluto is opposite the moon in the 9th house of the outdoors, foreign travel, and higher education in Cancer. This shows Lori (moon, mother) at home (Cancer). The moon is at the home of fixed star Castor, and with this can show stabbing, wounds, injuries to the face, disgrace, and imprisonment. The moon is with asteroid Arachne (spinning a web of deceit). The moon is square Hekate (herbal knowledge, witch) and Zeus (leader). It is trine Deucalion (foreknowledge of an event or premonition) and sextile Mors-Somnus (peaceful death, dying in sleep).

In the 12th house of secrets and hidden things, we see Venus and Mercury. Venus can represent women, so this could indicate Lori hiding her involvement, but it could also signify Tylee, who was already hidden. Mercury represents children. They are both conjunct Algorab, the liar. I believe this represents the deceit involved. Venus is conjunct asteroids Lacrimosa (tragedy, suffering), Megaira (hatred), and Mercury is conjunct asteroids Toro (brute force), Preziosa (love over obstacles), Andromache (quarrels), Antigone (disobedient to parents), Manto (precognition), and Chimaera (delusions).

Mercury and Venus are square Saturn/Pluto in the 4th house of the grave.

What I think happened:

This burial seemed to go much smoother and faster than the first one. I believe that JJ was poisoned with something (probably the same thing they poisoned Tammy with), then smothered and buried. I have no explanation for all the duct tape around JJ’s hands. Perhaps he woke up whilst being smothered and tried to tear the plastic off his face? With both kids, I get the feeling that not only were they killed because of Lori and Alex’s deep delusions, but they were also killed because they were perceived as an obstacle to Lori and Chad’s relationship. I guess Gods are too busy to take care of kids.