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On December 17, 2011, at 8:51 a.m., Justin DiPietro called the Waterville Maine police department to report that his infant daughter, Ayla Reynolds, was missing.

In this article, we will cover the original 911 call chart, along with the solar return of the 911 call for this year. A solar return chart is a snapshot of the exact day and time of the original event in the current year. Astrologers believe this gives a peek into the next year for the person or event. This year is considered a 1st year profection year for the 911 chart, meaning the event itself, along with any original 1st house placements will be the focus of this year.

The 911 chart starts at 18 Capricorn. This is part of an area of placements that can indicate physical abuse (16 Capricorn – 20 Capricorn). Asteroid Gismonda here can indicate intrigue, secrecy, and being exposed to grueling trials. Asteroid Leukothea can show a bad situation. Saturn rules Capricorn, and it also rules fathers. This bears out as Justin is making this call. Saturn also rules cadavers. We note that Saturn is in the 9th house of courts, higher learning, and foreign lands, in the sign of Libra, which rules justice. We will explore Saturn more fully later in the article.

We see Venus (woman) in the 1st house, along with Pallas (planning), Neptune (deceit, guilt), Vesta (home, fire), and Chiron (a wound that won’t heal). Venus is conjunct fixed star Terebellum (fortune but with regret and disgrace, cunning, a mercenary nature, and repulsiveness), and asteroids Nymphe (young girl, nymph of fire if in 1st house), Iolanda (violet, the street that Justin lived on was Violette Ave), Megaira (extreme hatred, accusations), Echo (repetition, this is funny to me because in the 911 call, Justin asks Elisha a question about when she last saw Ayla, and it sounds like she parrotted back to him what she had been told), and Penthesilea (killed by treachery, stabbed in the back). This is a disturbing picture of what may have happened.

Venus is the focal point of a t-square involving Saturn opposite Jupiter/Blackmoon Lilith and both square Venus. Venus square Saturn can show difficulties in relationships, Venus square Jupiter can show a fortuitous opportunity while Saturn opposite Jupiter can limit opportunities. It makes me think that perhaps an action by Venus caused a problem for an expected opportunity. Venus rules the 4th house of the end of the matter, the home, and also the grave, and the 9th house of courts, higher learning, and foreign lands, where Saturn is.

Venus is sextile Uranus in the 2nd house, which is at 0 Aries, a very public point in a chart, usually indicating fame, and trine the moon (the missing, infants) in the 8th house of death. Is this the woman (Venus) responsible for the death of Ayla?

Saturn, the chart ruler is found in the 9th house. This is significant at this time because we know that Trista Reynolds, Ayla’s mother, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Justin, Elisha, and Phoebe DiPietro, due to the inactivity of the Maine State Police. She states she wants to know what happened to her daughter, who did it, and where her remains are.

Saturn also represents corpses, and we may be able to find clues as to where Ayla was hidden. Libra indicates high places, hills, or rocky places. The 9th house shows us Ayla was taken far away and it can mean the outdoors. Asteroid Arduina could show a forest. Asteroid Maja could show a mountain or earth. Asteroid Apollon might be an open space. Other asteroids here are Octavia (femininity), Aphrodite (feminine charm), and Mbabamwanawaresa (forced to make a life-altering decision).

With Neptune in the 1st, and asteroid Gismonda on the ascendant, we can safely suspect that something is being hidden from the police. The 12th house represents hidden secrets. The ruler of the 12th house is Jupiter, who we find in the 4th house of home, the end of the matter, and the grave. In the 12th house, we find Pluto. Pluto represents death, destruction, and transformation. Pluto is conjunct fixed star Facies, which causes blindness, defective sight (all nebula can cause blindness), sickness, accidents, and violent death. Much blamed for accidents and broken limbs and so on. [Robson, p.165.]

Asteroids with Pluto are Io (hidden), Arne (hearth fire, this seems significant to me because in the basement bedroom of Justin DiPietro is a furnace that is supposed to be on a raised concrete slab. A relative of the DiPietros claimed early in the case that the blood found in the basement was from a small cut Ayla received supposedly by the furnace.), Lilith (repressed anger), Arawn (escapist and addictive behavior patterns, avoidance of reality and the truth, liars, tricksters and con men), Hygeia (health, sickness), Erigone (suicide), Brasilia (human nature spoiling plans or forcing plans to change), Crantor (sudden death), and the personal name asteroids for Justin and Courtney (the first name of his girlfriend, who was in the house the night Ayla disappeared).

My conclusion from these astrological placements is that there was some kind of sudden event that precipitated hiding Ayla’s body and making this call, perhaps she was accidentally killed by a female by abuse.

What does the solar return for this new year show for this case?

The ascendant for the solar return chart begins in Saggitarius, the natural ruler of the 9th house, which shows legal issues will be important this year. This is the 11th house of the original chart, which is the house of friends and associates. Will the focus of the lawsuit be the friends that are involved in this case, such as Courtney Roberts (Justin’s girlfriend), or Derek Tudela (Justin’s friend who is also his alibi and insurance salesman)? Clues from the chart are asteroid Courtney in the 3rd house of communication is conjunct asteroid Derek (2nd house of 911 call), and they are opposite asteroids Derek (who is on the 9th house cusp) and Trista (8th house of the 911 call), and they are square asteroid Justin in the 6th house of misfortune (5th house of children and addictions in the 911 call).

In the first house of the solar return, we see Mercury (children, communication) conjunct Pholus (murder), and they are conjunct Pluto from the 911 call. This seems to be showing us the focus of the lawsuit will be the murder of Ayla. Asteroids here are Cupido (short-term romance), Meliboea (right place, right time), Monterosa (mountain rose), Sylvania (forest), Diotima (politics of relationships), Bohemia (alternative lifestyle), Iduna (strict), Pomoma (alliances), Quaoar (trying experiences, under a microscope), and Hercynia (forests, oaks).

I note that Venus of the 911 call is conjunct the solar return 2nd house of money. This could be showing us the pressure being put upon Elisha and Phoebe DiPietro as co-defendants, or whomever Venus actually is. The solar return Pluto is also conjunct, another possible indication that Venus is the killer of Ayla Reynolds. Asteroids with Pluto include Lysistrata (someone that uses their sexual power in a manipulative way to fool others), Kriemhild (a tumultuous life fraught with deception, intrigue, and violence, to avenge the wrongful death of a loved one), Hedda (war or battle), Circe (dramatic life changes), Lucina (bring children into the light), Requiem (marker of death), Athanasia (immortality), Philomela (the truth will out), Parthenope (hard time accepting rejection), and Amycus (innocent victim of violence).

Other planets in the 2nd house are the moon (infants, the missing) and Saturn (corpse, judges). Saturn is conjunct the 911 call Chiron, which may be showing us the judge deciding the “wound” (damages) caused by Ayla’s disappearance. Asteroids here are Parysatis (day of reckoning) and Patroclus (vengefulness, rage, lashing out in pain and anger) with the moon and asteroid Phaethon (automobile or conveyance), and Veronika (capturing images) are with Saturn. I wonder if this represents the luminol pictures? Interesting Arabic Parts here include the part of Debt, Year Feared for Death, and Danger of Violence conjunct Neptune in the 911 chart, and the parts of Life, Siblings, Issue of Affairs, Children, Year Feared for Death, and the Hyleg (Giver of Life) conjunct the moon of the solar return, and the parts of Boldness, Violence and Murder, and the Anareta (destroyer) is conjunct the 911 Neptune. This is a very disturbing picture of the energies and issues surrounding these planets.

The 3rd house (communication) of the solar return is intercepted in the 2nd house of the 911, which shows us that the communications this year regarding the case will be focused on the 2nd house or the monetary situation the case has created. Trista is suing for wrongful death, conscious pain and suffering, and wrongful interference with the body of a deceased person. Additionally, Justin DiPietro faces a count of breach of parents’ duty of care to a minor child. As this is a civil case, the only damages a judge can award would be monetary. Trista also wants to know where Ayla is so she can give her a proper burial, but if the DiPietros admit this information, it would be tantamount to admitting guilt in her disappearance, which is a criminal matter.

We note that the Arabic Part of Armies and Police, and Victory are conjunct asteroid DNA in the 9th house of the courts. Perhaps the police will find evidence of where Ayla was taken or ended up.


I believe we will be hearing a lot more about the court case this year, unfortunately with Neptune there I’m not sure we will be hearing much truth. The lack of information is what has stalled the criminal case. In this civil case, I believe most of the delay has been due to COVID-19, but now that discovery has been distributed, at least the plaintiff’s discovery has, we wait to see what the DiPietro’s come up with.

A judge in a civil court is not bound by the reasonable doubt doctrine, but only by a preponderance of the evidence. In this case, the evidence is pretty convincing that the DiPietros know what happened to Ayla Reynolds.

Justin, where is Ayla?

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