Sun. May 26th, 2024
Ayla Reynolds missing poster

Ayla Reynolds was seen at the emergency room in Waterville, Maine for a broken arm less than one month after she went to live with her father, Justin DiPietro, at his mother’s home. Justin claimed that he fell going up wet steps with groceries and Ayla in his arms. A little over a month after this incident, Ayla went missing forever.

We do not have the exact time when the accident happened, but thanks to Ayla’s mother, we have the exact time Ayla was seen in the emergency room the next morning, on November 12, 2011.

The chart starts at 13 Capricorn, which is considered a critical degree. This means that what is happening is of special importance in the native’s (Ayla’s) life.

Neptune (deceit) and Chiron (wound) are on the 2nd house (money) cusp, which means Neptune is affecting both the 1st house (the activity taking place) and the 2nd. This tells us that Justin is deceiving the doctors about the incident. The reason is clear, because of (opposite) Trista and Mars (anger and police). He obviously doesn’t want to have Ayla taken away from him. Asteroid Wilhelmina here tells us Justin is trying to represent himself as a reliable person, but asteroid Dejanira seems to indicate that this was due to abuse as opposed to an accident. Asteroid Admete shows Justin was in a “tight spot”.

The chart ruler, Saturn, is in the 9th house of the law. Saturn can represent the father, and the trine to Neptune shows he is “supporting” the deceit. What’s scary is Saturn is conjunct the Arabic Part of place of murder and sickness, and the Arabic Part of Captivity. Does this show Justin is afraid (Saturn) of getting caught and, therefore unable to carry out his plan to murder Ayla for the life insurance policy? (If that was his plan.) The asteroid Itokawa here shows this is the “beginning of a bad experience”.

Ayla would be represented by Mercury, and we can see Mercury is conjunct Venus. Venus could represent Elisha, as her name asteroid is conjunct here as well as Justin’s and Courtney’s. We don’t know who, if anyone, accompanied Justin to the emergency room. However, we do know that Trista Reynolds, Ayla’s mother, attended both specialist appointments Ayla had afterward. This cluster is very concerning, as it is conjunct with an evil fixed star known as Sabik. It is considered an indicator of psychopathy. Mercury conjunct can show injury from open enemies. Could a two-year-old have enemies?

Mercury/Venus is opposite the moon, which is in the 5th house of addiction. At this time, Ayla (Mercury) was living with Justin and his mother Phoebe because (opposite) her mother (moon) was dealing with her alcoholism. What I find disturbing is that the moon is also at a homicide degree, 9 Gemini. This is the home of fixed star Aldebaran. This star can indicate a danger of violence and sickness. Indeed, Elisha DiPietro, Ayla’s aunt and one of the three adults home the night Ayla disappeared told a reporter that Ayla had been sick and throwing up in the days before she went missing. Aldebaran can also show the danger of a violent death and great honor through violence.

So what is Justin hiding? Looking at the 12th house of secrets and hidden enemies we find Pluto in Capricorn. The sign of Capricorn can indicate physical abuse. The asteroids surrounding Pluto are shocking. Crantor shows a sudden calamity or overdose, Leukothea (bad situation), Arawn (isolation), Sorga (feminine energy), and Apophis (huge disaster). This does not bode well for poor Ayla.


I’m not convinced that Justin broke Ayla’s arm as he claimed. I don’t think he was even home at the time, and didn’t come back until Phoebe called him to tell him about it. It also makes me suspicious that Trista attended both subsequent specialist appointments, yet she made no mention to the doctor of any prior mistreatment of Ayla that she said she suspected after Ayla went missing.