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Justin Picks Up Ayla

Ayla Reynolds was reported missing from her grandmother’s home on Dec. 17, 2011. The first timed event in the actions leading up to her disappearance is when her father, Justin DiPietro, arrived at the local police station to ask for law enforcement assistance to pick Ayla up from her aunt’s apartment, while Ayla’s mother was in a 10-day detox program.

In interviews after the disappearance, Trista Reynolds, Ayla’s mother, changed her story from Justin just showing up to take Ayla, to having a prior agreement with Justin to keep her during her detox.

What can the placements in this chart reveal about Justin’s intentions?

The chart starts at 1 Taurus. An early degree in a fixed sign can indicate something important beginning in a native’s life, but in Taurus, it also indicates something permanent, as this was. Ayla would never again live with her mother.

Fixed star Mesarthim shows this is the beginning of discord and journeys. Asteroid Metcalfia indicates “women as commanders”. There have been rumors that this plot was cooked up by Phoebe DiPietro, Justin’s mother. Indeed, she had even accompanied Justin to the police department.

Jupiter at Hamal in the first is a very clear indicator of what is going on. Jupiter is sometimes known as the “benefactor” or “helper”. He is at the fixed star Hamal, which shows a cruel and premeditated crime. The Arabic Part of “Treasure Trove” is conjunct as well. This seems to be saying “Justin is asking for help (Jupiter) in taking Ayla (Hamal) for reasons (Treasure Trove).”

Asteroid Kruesa shows Justin has a superseding agenda. Asteroid Genoveva says that agenda involves a “woman resisting”. Jessica Reynolds, Ayla’s aunt, had, in fact, told a CPS worker earlier that day she would not relinquish Ayla to Justin.

The moon in the 3rd house at 28 Gemini represents Ayla’s mother. She is at the home of fixed star Polaris, which shows up as sickness, trouble, loss of fortune, disgraces, great affliction, and may give legacies or inheritances attended by much evil. This is significant because sometime after taking Ayla, (stories range from the day he took her to the day before she went missing) Justin took out a $25,000 life insurance policy on Ayla. He purchased the policy through State Farm Insurance, and the asteroid State* (personal name asteroid (PNA) for State Farm) is conjunct the MC, showing us that it will become a very public fact about the case. Asteroids Suevia and Ara seem to indicate that Trista was thinking with her head and not her heart about the matter.

As I said earlier, Jessica was very upset to hear that Justin was coming to pick up Ayla. We see her personal name asteroid, JessicaR* conjunct Mars (anger) in the 5th house of children. The asteroid Violetta is here as well, and Justin was taking Ayla to his mother’s house on Violette Avenue in Waterville Maine.

Also in the 5th house is the Part of Fortune (POF). This is the area where one is successful. I note that it is opposite Neptune (to deceive) conjunct personal name asteroid Derek* (who was Justin’s best friend, alibi, and erstwhile insurance salesman). Does this mean Justin successfully duped Derek into selling him the policy? Or does this mean he was successful at retrieving Ayla by deception (for the purpose of killing her for the insurance)? He did accomplish the latter.

Sun (authorities) conjunct Saturn (father) conjunct Asteroid Rhadamanthus (Judge) in the 6th house of misfortune and health, shows that Justin has the law on his side, even though it is actually a very lawless thing for him to do (opposite Black Moon Lilith). Black Moon Lilith is conjunct Hybris (power to steer others) and Magdalena (where the work of someone else helps you to “get your shit together”). This seems to echo the sentiment that he was taking Ayla while Trista was in rehab. It does seem that Justin had help. Juno can represent a partner, and it is conjunct asteroid Toro (to ambush). Other asteroids surrounding Saturn/Sun are Arsinoe (charismatic), Hercynia (expose deep dark secrets), Liberatrix (mysteriously sudden end or disappearance), and Eugenisis (it’s mine, I can do what I want with it).

In the 7th house of partnership, we can also see signs of help. Mercury is partile opposite Jupiter (helper) and also conjunct Venus (woman, money) here. Asteroid Phaedra here indicates devious revenge. Asteroid Lioba suggests a “fiery woman”, and it was reported that Ayla kicked and scratched at the police officer trying to remove her. Asteroid Deucalion (rock-hard, tough, cold, brutal, nasty, belligerent, ordeals, saying no, rejecting) backs up that report. Venus is conjunct Ceto (monsters rearing their heads).

What is really telling is the 9th house of courts and higher thinking. Pluto is there, and he is conjunct asteroids Crantor (sudden calamity and death), Arawn (abandonment, communicating through technology), and Arrokoth (astrology, which is interesting to me because my point of fortune is here at 5 Capricorn as well). He is also conjunct asteroids Sphinx (big mystery), Icarus (big fall), Echo (gang up on, voiceless), Eriphyla (to backfire), Montefiore (being in trouble, doesn’t want to work), Ostara (under your thumb), and Alekto (extreme anger). Indeed, this case is being tried in a civil wrongful death suit filed by Ayla’s mother in 2019.

As I previously mentioned, the PNA of the life insurance policy (StateIRA) is conjunct the Mid-heaven, or MC, which is the top of the chart and therefore the most “public” part. The asteroids accompanying the life insurance PNA are quite disturbing. Asteroid Prokne (sexual abuse) tells the story of a woman who killed, cooked, and served her own infant son to his father as revenge for raping her sister. Other asteroids here are Antikleia (bereavement) and Pomona (good public impression).

Asteroid Derek is conjunct Neptune in the 11th house of friends and associates. Other asteroids here are Dejanira (abuse), Antiope (co-conspirator), Admete (tight spot), Quintilla (having the advantage), and Chiron (wound that never heals).

Finally, in the 12th house of hidden secrets and self-undoing, we find Uranus at the news-worthy 1 degree, something beginning. This is the home of fixed star Deneb Kaitos which brings “self-destruction by brute force, sickness, disgrace, misfortune and compulsory change. [Robson, p.162.]. It can also show “Inhibitions and restraints in every way, psychologically and physically. [Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation, Elsbeth Ebertin, 1928, p.12.]. Particularly with Uranus here, it can bring many losses, especially in Mercurial (children) matters.

In conclusion, the chart clearly shows us that Justin’s intentions were not noble, and seem to have something to do with money.

In the next installment, we will take a look at the next timed event in Ayla’s short life, her broken arm.

Please leave any questions in the comments. I am very knowledgeable about this case.