Sun. May 26th, 2024

Ayla Reynolds was born on April 4, 2010. Her short life came to a tragic end on December 17, 2011. Her father, Justin DiPietro claims she was sleeping in her crib and someone came into the house and took her. He thinks it was someone her mother, Trista Reynolds, put up to the task. The evidence, however, points to an entirely different scenario. Cleaned-up blood, life insurance, and an unclear timeline seem to suggest a more sinister end.

So how can we tell what really happened to Ayla? We can look at her natal chart for clues.

I see astrology charts as maps. They can tell you where you are, and where you might end up, but you have to choose the path. You can’t find Denver with a map of New York, right? So we can look at Ayla’s birth chart to see where she may have landed.

One of the ways ancient astrologers divined the future was through the use of fixed stars.

The fixed star that is conjunct Ayla’s ascendant, or AC, is Zosma. This star brings acts of disgrace, destruction, deceit, imprisonment, beating, burning, and danger of poisons. Not a terribly auspicious start. Asteroid Jenny here indicates that she “enables new beginnings for others”. Another interesting asteroid here is Stateira. State Farm is the insurance company Justin purchased Ayla’s life insurance from.

Another ancient method used by astrologers is called Arabic Lots. This is a formula (planet + planet – planet = lot). The Arabic lot conjunct asteroid Stateira is “Treasure Trove”.

Ayla was born with Saturn in her first house. This can be an indicator of a very hard early life. Her Saturn is at 0 Libra, which is considered a critical degree and can make the affected planet very important in the natives’ life.

Ayla’s chart ruler is Mercury. We can look to the condition of Mercury to infer what Ayla’s short life might have been like. It is conjunct Venus, so the things it represents will be important to her. Venus rules money, and love. They are on the 9th house cusp, meaning they affect both houses. Your 8th house rules death and things inevitable, like taxes and insurance inheritances. The 9th house is your house of higher learning as well as thinking. It would represent court battles. Some of the asteroids that surround these two planets are Photographica (somehow a photo may become important?), and Alicanto (the thing that starts a gold rush). The fixed star here is Sheratan, which can indicate bodily injuries.

The Arabic Parts that are around Mercury and Venus are “Mothers”, “Nemesis (Saturn)”, “Slaves”, “Knowledge of whether True or False”, “Those who Rise in Station”, “Trickery and Deceit” and finally “Boldness, Violence and Murder”. That does not bode well for poor little Ayla.

In Ayla’s 3rd house of communication, travel, early childhood, and brothers and sisters, we see the asteroid Pallas (planning, but also injustice) at 21 Scorpio. This is the home of fixed star Unukalhai, which portends accidents, violence, and the danger of poison. Poison seems to be quite the theme in Ayla’s life. Other asteroids here are Interamnia (greedy chasing), Myrrha (beauty vs. duty), and Antiope (collusion). The Arabic Part attached is “Debilitated Bodies”.

Something I find interesting is Ayla’s moon (which can represent the mother) is in her 4th house (end of the matter, home, the grave) at 27 Saggitarius. This is conjunct the Galactic Center, which is also known as the “whistleblower” degree. (Will Trista confess to something, or will someone rat her out?) It is at the home of fixed star Sinistra, which again when with the moon, indicates poisoning, as well as something infamous and scandalous. The accompanying asteroids are Artemis (focused activity, hunting and consuming), Thyra (phenomenon), Dejanira (abuse), Endymion (comatose), and Bianca (turbulent relations).

The planet of death, Pluto, is near the moon at 5 Capricorn. This is conjunct fixed star Facies, which brings sickness, accidents, and violent death. The asteroids here are Arawn (loner, alone), Patroclus (vengeful rage), Kressida (milk?), Charlotte (the tool used to “be the boss” in a relationship), Arrokoth (astrology), and Karma. The Arabic Part here is “Death”. Fitting.

In Ayla’s 6th house of health and misfortune, we find Neptune conjunct Chiron at 27-29 Aquarius. Neptune conjunct Chiron can indicate problems with drugs. I have a suspicion that Ayla was born with drugs in her system. The asteroids here are House (self-explanatory), Kreusa (agenda), Parysatis (nasty, day of reckoning), Laetitia (want massive amounts), Bathilde (commanding men), and Phaetus (being used like a piece of meat). The Arabic Parts here are “Parents” and “Death of Parents”. Also here in the 6th is the asteroid Justin* (a personal name asteroid for her father) at 4 Pisces. It is with asteroid Klotho (premature endings) and Kastalia (defy rules). The Arabic Part of “Murder and Sickness” is here too.

Jupiter is in Ayla’s 7th house of partnerships. He is at 18 Pisces. 18 is considered an evil degree. The asteroids here are Heracles (exaltation after death), Justitia (justice), Persevantia (perseverance), Maritima (trophy), Fraternitas (brothers), Fini (the end), and Astraea, the goddess of justice.

Also in the 7th house is the planet Uranus, the ruler of astrology, at 27 Pisces. This is the home of the unfortunate fixed star Scheat, which brings extreme misfortune, murder, and suicides. Tied up with Uranus it can show someone deceitful, many accidents, and death through drowning or by water. The asteroid Tristan (a personal name asteroid for her mother) is here as well.

Ayla’s Sun, which rules fathers, is in her 8th house of death, taxes, inheritances, or the inevitable. At 14 Aries, it is conjunct the Arabic Parts of “Danger of Violence”, “Year Feared for Death”, “Friends and Foes”, “Debt”, and “Permanence”. The asteroids here are Iclea (icky), Psyche (dark side), Aegle (family strain), Etheridgea (tame wild impulses).