Sun. May 26th, 2024

First we see the AC is in Pisces, a water sign. We know that Nicola was supposedly walking her dog on the trails by the River Wyre. Yet with Neptune here in the first, we may not be seeing the whole picture, in other words, things are not as they seem.

The fixed star here is Skat, which shows death by a fall or by water. Also here is the Arabic Part called “Year feared for death”. A sad omen indeed.

More death: Neptune is conjunct fixed star Markeb (violent death), it is also in orb of Scheat (danger of drowning). Interestingly, the asteroid Okyrhoe is here which means “swift or fast running”. Is the river fast running?

Aries is completely intercepted in the first house. This can indicate someone who holds in emotion until they explode. Juno is conjunct Jupiter. Does this show the husband and a helper? Chiron is with Baten Kaitos which shows falls and blows, also called “The Monster”. Asteroid Leda is here too (rape).

The moon is with an asteroid named Euphrosyne. It means loosely packed rubble. Is this where Nicola is?

Even more creepy connections, asteroid Grave is at 0 Taurus. It is with fixed star Mirach (violent or peculiar death) and asteroid Vala (pushed). We are starting to see a picture here.

The perpetrator in this chart is represented by Mars, natural ruler, Mercury, 7th house ruler, and the Sun co-ruler with Mars. Mars is at 9 Gemini, a degree of homicide. In the 3rd house here, was he in a vehicle? The color of Mars is red. We’ve been hearing about a red van. Hmmm. Asteroids Lyka (wolf), Achilles (weakness) and Ulula (scream or howl). She couldn’t have been near the trails if they were making that much noise.

The next signifier of the perpetrator is in the 11th house. In some crime charts, it can be interpreted as “Situations out of your control”. It is just full of death, starting with Mercury. Mercury is at Facies (violent death) and asteroid Fini (the end). I think she was beaten on the head then strangled in the vehicle. Pluto (death, destruction) is with Patroclus (Rage) and the Arabic Part of Violence.

In the 12th house of secrets, hidden things, prison, endings we have the co-ruler of the perpetrator the Sun, he is conjunct asteroid Proserpina (abduction).

Now this next part is wild. In mythology there were three sisters called the fates. Lachesis determined how long a life should be, Klotho would spin the cord, and she would tell Atropos when to cut the thread.

Sun is conjunct Klotho. He decided when to cut the thread. Saturn is conjunct Atropos. He dealt the death blow. Venus is conjunct Lachesis, she decided how long it would go on. I don’t think I’ve ever seen all three Fates exactly conjunct planets in a chart before. And in the 12th house! This is really amazing.

With Saturn in the 12th, I’m not sure her body will be found, but I do believe it was dumped in the river, but probably closer to the sea. Update: Nicola was found on February 19, 2023, in the water a few miles away from where she went missing. As of today (March 26, 2023), there has been no determination if her death was intentional or accidental.