Sun. May 26th, 2024

On November 14, 2022, some person or persons crept inside a typical sorority house and slaughtered four sleeping students sometime in the early morning hours. They were found the next day by the remaining two students, who slept through the entire thing. Update: On December 30, 2022, Bryan Kohberger of Albrightsville, PA was arrested for the murders of the four students.

The Chart

The chart starts off with a bang as 0 Aquarius rises. What is starting will be permanent. Saturn can represent bodies, and it’s obvious with Saturn in the 1st house that bodies were being discussed. 0 Aquarius is the home of Altair. This fixed star “makes its natives guilty of bloodshed”. Asteroids here are Bellona (large breasts), Berolina (where you forgo regular relationships in favor of a dream), Emita (where people look to you for inspiration, seeking your counsel), Orpheus (contact with the dead), Dorothea (irrepressible women), Marmulla (seen as a star), Iolanda (where your way causes all other ways to fade from view), Hapag (where you turn others on or get them excited), Wolfiana (to excess), Botolphia (your girl-attracting ability), Eichsfeldia (clean up the messes you made). Now I know that seems like a lot of asteroids, but it paints us a picture of what happened. Was someone obsessed with one of the victims? Were they disapproving of their lifestyle?

Saturn in the 1st house usually represents an unfortunate event. 19 Aquarius is the home of Castra. It (gives malevolence, destructiveness, and an uncontrollable temper.) This could mean this event was motivated by anger. The asteroids joining Saturn are Siva (volatile exchanges), Philagoria (masked), Polyxena (family tragedy), Noemi (flustered), Bertholda (sexy), Una (trapped in a corner). These placements may be further clues as to the motive of the crime. It still looks to me like someone obsessed.

We see that Neptune (sleep) at the 2nd house cusp. This shows us the sleeping roommates. We can see asteroids Diana (Xana) and Ethan conjunct Neptune, suggesting they died in their sleep. It is with fixed star Markeb (violent death, stabs). Also asteroids Subamara (leading others into a fantasy), Chrysothemis (justice, morality), Adelheid (holding influence), McDonalda (extrovert), Mirielle (respected), Hispania (enjoyment), Gudula (awkward, odd) and Agnia (pacify). Does this suggest someone killing the students for moral reasons? The 2nd house represents our beliefs and values.

Very close by we see Jupiter (preacher, helper) and asteroid Ethan at the home of Scheat (great tragedy). Also here are Borasisi (deception), Ricarda (climbing the ladder with help), Palma (friendship), Argentina (idealism), Manwe (trouble with key male relationships), and Hedwig (famous for behavior).

Looking further into the 2nd house we find Chiron (the wound). Aries rules blood and knives. Fixed star Alpheratz (violent death) and asteroids Hagar (an escape), Yerkes (pulling no punches), Hel (changing a stubborn system), Constantia (hard to ignore), Irmgard (bigger and better), Wladilena (type of attention drawn to you), Tisiphone (reliable backup), Hildegard (too much emphasis on sex). This seems to be more evidence that perhaps the student’s beliefs or lifestyles caused their downfall.

Mars represents the perpetrator in crime charts. It is in the 5th house of athletes, addictions, and sex for fun. It is out of bounds and retrograde, meaning it is completely out of control and not acting as it should. It is in the sign of Gemini, and this could indicate more than one involved. Asteroid Agamemnon (sudden death) gives us a clear picture of the perp’s intentions. Asteroid Glydenia (primal action), Nestor (controlling others), and Ulula (rebellious women) relate back to (square) Neptune in the 2nd house. The perpetrator was judging these girls (and Ethan).

The co-ruler of the perpetrator in crime charts is the Sun. We can see that it is in the 9th house of higher education, but close enough to the mid-heaven to affect it too. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, so perhaps this person is under the control of the other assailant. 22 Scorpio is home of Unukalhai, a fixed star that can indicate violence. The Sun is conjunct Mercury, Venus, and asteroid MadHatter (drugs), which are partile conjunct the mid-heaven, or the public face so to speak. Were the perpetrators under the influence of drugs? Was one girl the target? We can see that this set of actors are in a Water Grand Trine with Neptune/Ethan/Jupiter in the 2nd house and Black Moon Lilith (dark side, dark desires)/Prey (to target)/Pallas (planning) in the 6th house of misfortune. This tells us that this was an intentional act (Pallas) made easier (trines) by alcohol and drugs (2nd house of source).

Asteroids conjunct the Sun also include Fiducia (trustworthy), Hercynia (expose dark secrets), Erika (breaking free from chains), Dziewanna (harsh judgment), Nephele (defying familial values), Bathseba (attention from outsiders), Ophelia (repressed feelings leading to madness), Pompeja (to bring calamity or disaster), Washingtonia (uniquely memorable), Melitta (triggering male desire), Eduardo (docile male), Adele (hedonistic, dirty), and Phaetusa (being used like a piece of meat). Again I am seeing threads of judgments against the four in the house because of their lifestyles.

Mercury is joined by asteroid Ceto (monster inside us, hellraiser). Venus is joined by asteroid Aurora (defiant same-sex union), Felicitas (iron-willed women), Eunomia (set standards for others), and Veronika (sex-focused women). Not to sound like a broken record but, well, you know what I’m going to say! This or these persons did not like these students for whatever reason.

What I think happened:

The attack may have been precipitated by a brush-off or turn down by one of the girls, followed by an imagined slight by Ethan.

With Pluto in the 12th, it could be a long time before we have a resolution, if ever. Let’s hope I’m wrong about this part! (Update: boy was I wrong about this!)

(Lately, there have been issues with astrologers wanting to be “right” or claiming to have “solved” cases. As rewarding as it is to make accurate predictions, we should remain humble. After all, the planets are never wrong, only our interpretations. It’s to be expected that we get a few wrong, and a few right. It doesn’t make us bad astrologers, it just means there is so much more to learn! And honestly, with the subject matter I write about, I sometimes hope to be wrong. So much sadness and pain, I root for the happy ending!)

For more information about this case and many others visit TheForensicAstrologer on YouTube! See you there!