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Michael Vaughn went missing from his Fruitland, ID neighborhood on July 27th, 2021, around 7 p.m. He was 5 years old, with blond hair, wearing a Blue Minecraft shirt and dark blue shorts with sandals. Update: On November 12, 2022, Sarah Wondra was arrested for failing to report a death, and her backyard was excavated unsuccessfully. She alluded to three other men involved in the death.

The 911 Chart

The 911 chart starts at 0 Capricorn. A 0 degree is known as an “Aries Point” degree denoting a very prominent event. Fixed star Sinistra lies here, showing us an immoral, mean and slovenly person. With Polis here too, this person may act very religious but actually is a pretender. Astroid Ixion is conjunct the Ascendant as well. Ixion represents betrayal and murder, and is often prominent is charts of murderers and homicides. This does not bode well for poor Michael.

We see Pluto in the first house. This house shows us the action, what is going on at that moment. Police believe that Michael was taken between 6:40 and 7:00. By 7:05, something was happening with Michael. Pluto is at 25 Capricorn, and it is retrograde. In crime charts, it means the energy isn’t acting normally. With Pluto are the asteroids Icarus (fall, being reckless) and Eriphyle (betrayal, bribery? or murder). Opposite Pluto is the asteroid Carr (automobile) at 21 Capricorn, and Mercury (transportation, cars) at 29 Cancer. The 29th degree represents endings. I’m starting to think perhaps Michael was in the street and was hit by a car. Let’s see what the rest of the chart tells us.

Saturn is on the cusp of the 2nd house at 10 Aquarius. This cusp often shows us that the victim is in the trunk or boot of the car. We can see it is opposite Asteroids D’Arrest (to stop), Michael* (Michaels personal name asteroid) Hopi (to ambush), and Sara (the suspect’s personal name asteroid). They are on the cusp of the 8th house of death, in Leo, which is ruled by the Sun. We often look to the Sun as the co-ruler of the perpetrator, along with Mars. This shows us that Sara was not acting alone. This trio of asteroids is also partile sextile (opportunity) with North Node conjunct Phaethon (automobile). They are at the cusp of the 5th (addictions), and 6th (misfortune) houses. This makes me think perhaps the perpetrators were under the influence.

Also in the 8th house is the asteroid Stacey (another person of interest) conjunct the Part of Fortune, which is a sign of success. Other asteroids here are Hera (what we want to keep), Dejanira (the victim), and Praamzius (ruler). This paints a picture of perhaps an overbearing person calling the shots about this situation.

Checking the 3rd house which rules cars as well as the neighborhood, we find Neptune conjunct moon. They are in Pisces, which is co-ruled by Neptune. Does it look like a woman hiding in a car, possibly watching? The fixed star here is Markab, showing a violent death in early life.

Earlier we found asteroid Stacey conjunct the Part of Fortune (success) in the 8th house of death, and other people’s money. The Arabic Part of Captivity is here as well. The first charge of Sarah Wondra was “on or about Nov 12, Sarah Wondra failed to notify law enforcement of the death of Michael Vaughan, with intent to prevent the discovery of the manner of death.” Does this mean that when police asked her about Michael the day they served the warrant, she lied to them? Police say the tip that lead to her arrest and the excavation of her backyard, came from someone in the house. Who lives in that house?

The Sun, the co-ruler of the perpetrator actually is in the 7th house of the perpetrator. The Sun, being the brightest star in our galaxy, gets a much wider orb for conjunctions. The 8th house is 5 degrees away, so we know it is influincing it as well. Mercury is also 5 degrees away, so we can consider it conjunct, though not combust (too close). Next is Mercury, at the 29th degree of Cancer. The 29th degree shows us an ending, Mercury rules cars and children. Cancer rules the 4th house which shows the grave, or the “bottom” of the matter. Conjunct Mercury is asteroid Cyllarus (putting yourself in a life-threatening situation). The Sun is at the home of Praesaepe which can show bad eyesight (maybe they couldn’t see Michael?) and murder. The Arabic Part of Fatality is conjunct the Sun.

What I think happened

I think Michael was in or near the road and the perpetrators did not see him, and struck him with their car. I think they hurredly put his body in the trunk and buried his body in their backyard. I think they moved his body as well, or perhaps it was burnt, although I see no indications of burning in the charts. I believe the indicators of murder is alluding to the fact that they hid the body and didn’t report the accident, which makes it now a murder.

What do you think happened to little Monkey? Tell me in the comments! I will look at the charts to see if you are right! The stars know all!

For more astrology and insight into this case and many others, visit Forensic Astrologer on Youtube. See you there!