Sun. May 26th, 2024
Jake Brown

Jake Brown was last seen around 8 a.m on the morning of July 17, 2022, in Weatherford, Texas. He left a party around 5 a.m. His car was found on the side of the road after having a blowout, yet the tire was changed despite Jake not having any tools to do so. A neighbor called Jake’s sister and told her that she could see someone hanging from the tree in her brother’s backyard. The sister went to the house and found her brother in the backyard deceased.

Jake Brown last seen

The chart starts at Leo 11. This is the home of Acubens, which describes malevolence, liars and criminals. Asteroids Otilia (wealth), Selene (reciprocal connection) and Anahita (abuse) shows us what the energy around Jake is like.

With Leo on the AC, the Sun is the chart ruler. The Sun is also a co-significator for the perpetrator. This shows us that Jake is under the influence of this person. The Sun is conjunct Mercury (cars, communication) and Ceres (nurturing, motherly influence). This seems to indicate that Jake was in a car with two people at that moment. This trio is conjunct the fixed star Procyon, which brings sudden and violent malevolence. Asteroids Desdemona (victimized, murdered, also different sides of a family not speaking), Rhoda (bad luck), Kressida (deceit and treachery), and Thusnelda (treachery by one’s parents).

These asteroids seem to describe the people around him, and also what is happening. It seems it’s some kind of family betrayal, as they are in Cancer, which rules the 4th house, or the home.

The Sun, Mercury and Ceres is also trine Neptune, which can represent deceit, and the asteroid Lie conjunct affirms an attempt at deceit.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, so let’s see what is going on with it. The moon can represent the mother or a woman, and she is in the 8th house of death in Pisces. Pisces is co-ruled by Neptune, which can show deceit. She is conjunct asteroids Nessus (abuse), and Euryanthe (tricked). The Arabic Part of Violence is also here. The 8th house is also the house of other people’s money. This is a picture of the reason for the death. She is trine the Sun, Mercury, and Ceres, showing ease in accomplishing her intentions with the perpetrator (Sun).

The moon is sextile Uranus, which is in the 10th house of the public. It is at Taurus 18. The 18th degree is considered the evil degree. It is also known as a violent degree. It is conjunct the North Node, which shows what we expect to get. The asteroids Zerlina (getting physical), Delila (weaken), Lempo (stalking), and Zenobia (strong aggressive woman), show us the feminine energy surrounding Uranus/NN, and it seems she does not have Jake’s best interest in mind.

Mars is also here in the 10th house of the public. It is at Taurus 8. Mars can be a significator of the perpetrator, and it is conjunct the fixed star Hamal, which indicates a cruel and premeditated crime, violence, and criminal tendencies. This can show the perpetrator’s intent. Asteroid Adolfine shows us a person who is wolf-like, fierce, and aggressive. Conjunct Mars and the MC, or the mid-heaven of the chart, is the PNA (personal name asteroid) Simone. The MC is the public image of a chart. She too is conjunct Hamal. Curiously, the Arabic Part of grandparents is conjunct the asteroid Simone as well.

Mars is sextile Black Moon Lilith conjunct Asteroid Mony in the 11th house of friends, associates, and according to Rex E. Bills, wills, meaning the termination of one’s wishes. Jake had received an inheritance from his grandfather, and his mother felt the money should be hers. At the same time, Jake confronted his mother about financial transactions from his grandmother’s accounts made by her. Black Moon Lilith represents a persons primitive impulses and behavior in their rawest form. Asteroid Ate is conjunct, which indicates someone who stirs things up. Asteroid Hades, here as well indicates the past, filth, mistakes, shame, criminality, dirty deeds, and the scum of the earth. This is not putting Simone in the best of light.

The 7th house of the perpetrator is ruled by Aquarius, which is ruled by Saturn, which is also here. This represents an older person, who is unusual in some aspect. With the fixed star Deneb Algedi here, this person could have an unpleasent appearance. Saturn also represents the body. Asteroid Gerda here represents a yard, and Jake’s body was found in the backyard. Asteroid Polyxena indicates a family tragedy.

We talked a little about Neptune earlier. Neptune is at Pisces 25. This is the home of Markab, which indicates a violent death in early life. Asteroid Okyrhoe shows us an attack. Asteroid Hermes shows a theif. Finally, asteroid Kleopatra indicates someone willing to break laws to acheive their objectives.

Neptune is trine Pluto in the 6th house. It is at the home of fixed star Terebellum, which shows fortune with regret and disgrace, someone cunning and repulsive. Asteroids around are Amycus (tactic to gain power), Bellona (Goddess of war), Metis (Goddess of cunning), Adrastea (revenge, victim of abuse), Astarte (another Goddess of war), Tomyris (violent revenge). Also here is asteroid Buda which means lottery, as in money. Did someone think this act of violence would land them a windfall?

Venus rules money, and it is also in the 11th house which can show the termination of a will or someone’s wishes. It is at the 29th degree, which indicates an ending of events in life. It is at Gemini 29 conjunct fixed star Menkalinan, which indicates a violent death.

Finally we look at Jupiter, which is conjunct the Part of Fortune (where one is successful). This is the home of the fixed star Algenib, which shows hypocrisy and violence. Jupiter is known as the helper. The Arabic Part of captivity and the Part of boldness, violence and murder is here as well. Also conjunct Jupiter is the personal name asteroid I chose for Sedrick Brown. He is the friend of the mother who was homeless, with mental issues, and she invited him into her mother’s house, where Jake lived. When they first moved in, it was just to clean the house to prepare for the grandmother’s return from the hospital.

What I think happened

I believe that Jake’s mother and her friend conspired to kill Jake for the inheritance. I think she made up a story to make it look like white supremicists did it. Yet she stated she was home from 3 a.m. on. How did she not hear someone in the backyard assaulting and hanging her child? I sincerely hope that justice for Jake is found.

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