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Ayla Bell Reynolds was reported missing from her father’s home in Waterville, Maine, at 8:51 a.m., December 17, 2011. She was 22 months old and had her arm in a sling from a break 1 month earlier. What follows is an astrological interpretation of this time and place.

Ayla 911 for blog

The Moon In the 8th house rules matters of insurance, death, and taxes. Moon in Virgo can indicate health or nutritional problems as those are a few issues Virgo rules. Practical matters regarding family duties are brought up with the moon here, obligatory situations. The Moon is paired up with Cupido in this chart bringing up themes of engagements and weddings. Keywords are, “Betrothed. Wedding. The Bride. Wife. Concerning the mother figure. Association with ladies. Highly involved people. The same mentality is caused by similar social conditions. A personal tie with a woman. A relationship that leads to marriage. Socially involved ties.”

Moon conjunct Mars is separating bringing up a competitive and aggressive situation, fighting. Impatience and marital problems or arguments. One chilling theme associated with this aspect is, “Death in a public place,” according to author Celeste Teal. Violence from others, emotional abuse, and angry women could take center stage in the situation.

The Moon square Sun is indicative of discord between parents, arguing in relationships, or at home. Probably problems with men or the opposite sex.

Moon square Nodes brings with it family or home tensions. Difficult times with others because Ayla couldn’t adapt. It paints the picture of an insensitive family or home. Ayla has a need for physical contact or affection and a stronger family bond. It would appear that physical nurturing,  affection, and contact were desperately wanted by Ayla. The square with the node can show us strong personalities in the family. Mom vs dad issues with parental figures is highlighted here.

Moon conjunct Psyche connotes psychological damage in a mother/child relationship. Conjunct Astraea shows a woman who has a hard time getting over things. This trio is also opposite Ceres (the mother, food).

Saturn is the Ascendant ruler and represents Ayla. Paired with Vulcanus shows themes of “alertness, fixing something, being hindered, guarded, or supervised, imprisoned, issues of custody, to supervise or preserve” come forward. Saturn in the sign of Libra encourages us to look at Ayla’s relationships. In the 9th house we may be seeing numerous things, foreign people, long-distance travel, legal and religious issues, or maybe someone was having problems with higher education. This house does represent aunts and uncles from the father’s side in a female person’s chart, however, this is an event chart. It’s interesting to me that her paternal aunt was there that night. It could simply be showing her at the scene of the 911 call.

This house is the house of discovery, exploration, and income from legacies according to author Rex E. Bills. I wondered what kind of income a little baby could possibly have had. Maybe that placement indicates that Ayla will be recovered because William Lilly says that a significator in the 9th promises recovery…a live recovery at that apparently. But, it also rules stepparents of the same sex as well as losses through them.

The Sun/Neptune midpoint with Saturn indicates a weak body in regard to Ayla and indicates she is in poor health at best. Saturn is a significator of a missing person and can indicate that Ayla has passed as it is the planet of death and dead bodies. This had a lot to do with weakness, potentially money, and deceit. It can very well indicate travel being at play recently given the Moon Mercury midpoint is being hit and Mercury/Cupido as well. I would imagine the travel was with the father’s romantic partner. With Mercury/Cupido there’s an element of traveling around so some matters could be discussed. Oddly, sculptural design and woodwork are brought up here. I wonder if this could pertain to the location of Ayla if it does at all. Maybe the sculptures could be near her location?

Interrupted tuition was brought up by another midpoint so it would behoove authorities to look at any involved suspects who were in college at that time. (Justin was in truck-driving school, Courtney was in college possibly studying criminal justice, we don’t know if anyone else was involved in schooling .) The last midpoint sent a chill through me, as it stated, “Lack of proof. Passing interruption in schooling or training. Taking over or to give in to others, for a short time. No proof or evidence available”.  Interrupted education, lack of funding for education, and such problems were brought up multiple times in this section but does the theme apply to the situation? I can’t say.

When Saturn and Vulcanus get together they like to talk about imprisonment or jail as mentioned above previously. So perhaps someone will be doing time for the disappearance of this child one day. Maybe it implies Ayla was confined. When the time comes, I suspect the person will be entirely defenseless.

Saturn is joined by asteroids Aphrodite (karmic debt) and Apollon (too many responsibilities).

The baby was described as, “in the lap of the Gods,” A fast vehicle is mentioned as well as reliable friends and it made me wonder if the family had, “helpful friends with fast cars,” It was reported by neighbors a loud “truck” was heard in the early morning hours. Maybe it implies that her location is one with high-speed limits. I wondered how these themes fit into the case.

The chart’s Ascendant is at 18 Capricorn very close to fixed star Deneb which brings success, legal entanglements, pride, and a quick temper but good fortune. I sure hope that this star is a sign of eventual closure.

In Uranian astrology, the ascendant describes our immediate surroundings. The place Ayla is at could possibly be described by the ascendant, key statements such as, “Pleasant change of the surroundings, of the place or in the place,” make me wonder if Ayla has been moved after her death to new surroundings or a different place undergoing renovations or restorations. Social and vocational relationships are brought up in context to her location. As is joining with others for a common professional objective. Could this imply that Ayla is near a place of employment related to the perp? Maybe. The vocational, professional, and social relations to the closer surroundings are repeatedly mentioned. This is about resources.

The Local ascendant of Waterville, Maine is at 6°54 Taurus. The same degree as fixed star Hamal. It is a star described as unlucky, it is said to bring head injuries, cruelty, and suffering in love. It can also show a cruel and premeditated crime. I wondered how this may apply to Ayla and her reading. Could someone have benefitted from her disappearance financially? Was this potentially premeditated? Why would someone WANT to get Ayla out of the picture? Was the blood found around the home from a head injury?

We have already established that this wasn’t likely the most physically loving home. This ascendant supports that theme as well. Hamal was an active star when I wrote about the Lucas Hernandez case. Lucas was allegedly killed by his stepmother who committed suicide shortly after his body was found.

The midpoints show us unsuccessful activities with others and being forced to mix with people who are pompous and prone to bragging. Sadly, it can also bring with it the idea of Ayla being scalded or burned by others. The statement, “Sharing other people’s grief,” comes up and it reminds me of how many people are still waiting for Ayla to come home in shared sadness. One midpoint says, “a highway, road, boulevard, street,” should be looked at.

Mercury is at 4 Saggitarius and is joined by asteroids Photographica and Okyrhoe (being attacked).

Venus at 26°03 Capricorn rules the local ascendant and is with fixed star Terebellum which brings violence and murder. The star is strongly associated with racism, prejudice, terrorism, violence, and antisemitism. I must admit I was baffled by the listed racial themes. How could racism apply to this case if it does at all? Could it be a location description, as in a church or Jewish temple? Midpoints implied a decline in love or themes of someone who may restrict physical love again highlighting Ayla’s needs for affection. Themes of others being insensitive to Ayla’s pain emerge and it saddens me greatly. The statement, “Love for the soil,” comes forward implying she may have been buried or left on the ground. Charitable inclinations, distributing gifts, and donating are brought into the picture. Could her location be near some kind of nonprofit?

Mars contacts Jupiter and rules the Meridian in this chart bringing up themes of work and again engagement on the romantic front. I would assume that any work associated with this contact would be involved with production. Oddly Procreation, pregnancy, and children are associated with the contact of Mars and Jupiter. I am not sure if there was a pregnancy at play in this situation, but I would be interested to know.

Being forced against one’s will and confrontation is brought up. Mars in the 8th brings the theme of a risky threatening situation. Arguments over money and shared resources come up and there are problems or disputes over inheritances or resources. Again I wonder, did someone expect to financially benefit from this somehow?

Mars with the Sun/Mercury midpoint brings up arguments, verbal abuse, a need for quickly acting on something, and accidents. Definitely an angry and argumentative combination. Pluto rules the Meridian as well as it is the modern ruler of Scorpio. In contact with Kronos, this is about proving one’s ability. It is some kind of test that brings up a big change. Here we can see interrupted developments in Ayla’s life and her case.

Mars is conjunct Hebe (young girl, usually older than Ayla however). Martha Lang-Wescott says of this conjunction, “This will be an interesting time to observe how assertion, criticism, and confidence can “get” others to cooperate and let a person get away with more than they oughta.”

Quitting one of several activities or an interruption of an activity is discussed in the midpoints. A change of social interaction during meal times or dining with different people is brought up through midpoints. Issues like starvation, rotten food, and/or food poisoning are potentially at play. I wondered if something transpired while Ayla was eating.

Kronos represents perseverance as an authority. It can bring up themes of having backbone, doggedness, guts, and indefatigability which is painting us a picture of a tenacious authority figure or investigator. Kronos is connected with authorities, courts, and officials. Quarrels with superiors, the chief, or the government are brought up and I wondered about what kind of disagreements may have come up between investigators during the investigation. I believe it might have been about the direction or mobilization of labor under the supervision of the state. Enforced interference through the state is again mentioned and so is the use of energies directed and controlled by the state. Resources at this point are entirely dependent upon the government.

Uranus is at the Aries Point at 0 Aries in the 2nd house, the house of resources, as we’ve been talking about. Uranus represents sudden, shocking events and the Aries Point can show us a very public case, as this one proved to be. It’s too bad it’s a cold case now.

Uranus/Aries Point – accidents that occurred in a public place, a huge mistake. Uranus square Hades can show volatile and rebellious behavior that moves toward what we perceive as “evil.” It can mean making a situation worse and subjecting friendships to it. (Justin’s best friend was not only his life insurance salesman but also his alibi for Thursday night and Friday morning.) Uranus/Hades can show sudden or unexpected ruin. Uranus opposite M87 can imply massive hunger. Uranus trine Itokawa represents the beginning of a bad experience.

Pluto is conjunct asteroids Hygeia (health problems due to elimination – Martha Lang-Wescott) and Crantor (sudden catastrophic events). The name asteroids Justin* and Courtney are here as well. The Arabic Part of Nemesis is conjunct.

Asteroid Pelion shows a period of extreme popularity, which diminishes over time but never completely, and later becomes the base for further developments; manipulation of people, events, ideas, social currents, and a desire to manipulate the system all comes up. Conjunct Circe (the helper) sextile Rhiphonos (to throw-off); square Askalaphus (whistle-blower, medical attention); trine Praamzius (involved in a long process of decision making, until a shocking event changes radically the perception of the situation and all people involved). During this process, Praamzius also creates a security-oriented bond of reciprocal connection with another person. In the background, there are many more people involved that remain expecting, following the process carefully, which at one moment or another, will give a turn and the whole situation shall be understood in a completely new way (10:17 resonance with Neptune); square Niobe which often represents child loss (issues with children); square Icarus/Niobe: Pride causing someone to “court danger” or take risks concerning children or wanting to run away from the responsibility. Icarus in 12th, cumulative family karma. Icarus in Capricorn: Risk it all by having goals and achieving them methodically. Come crashing down by being rigid and calculating; sextile Hybris (pride, clash of expectations). All of these connections give me a sense that despite some group machinations to affect public perceptions there may be a whistleblower (due to someone’s pride?) who may come forward and reveal the coverup, perhaps in a court setting.

Bienor (doomed effort, being attacked, becoming trapped) sextile Thereus (lawlessness); trine House; trine Pholus (the small cause yielding a large effect; “taking the lid off” a situation with explosive results, and a catalyst or reagent spurring change or transformation.); square Panacea (to try to balance)/Tantalus (unforgivable crime)/Verdun (blood on the floor) and sextile Damocles (hanging over one’s head). This asteroid is conjunct the 3rd house cusp, affecting both the 2nd and 3rd houses. The 3rd house is the house of communication, travel, and transportation, or the neighborhood. This activity shows us that making this call will open up a big can of worms, and may also reveal a crime. A few days later on December 22, 2011, crime scene tape went up when blood on the basement floor of Justin’s bedroom was found.

Eris (discord, strife)/Lempo (getting reputation back after being wrongly accused, good destroys evil) trine Eros (erotic love); trine Aphidas (searching for security in moments of high risk); opposite Rhadamanthus (the judge, to judge harshly); sextile Nessus (to abuse); trine Narcissus (self-involved); sextile Apophis (the destroyer, also conjunct Trista’s AC). This grouping in the 3rd house shows us that there could be some bad feelings about a possible betrayal in a love relationship, judgemental feelings about the subject of abuse, or issues dealing with Trista or something she instigated. This brings to mind the fact that Thursday morning Trista filed for parental rights at the courts in Portland. Did this act set Justin off?

Albion (go through ordeals)/Mors-Somnus (past has repercussions on the perception of the present and the possible futures) sextile Hekate (women issues); trine Sun (authorities, father, life force); trine Galactic Center (whistleblower degree); square Venus (woman, aunt, Courtney? Elisha?); square Vulcanus (brute force); opposite Saturn (police, older person, limitations)/Aphrodite (karmic debt)/Apollon (too many responsibilities).  Again, this being in the 3rd house in Aries shows us Justin is communicating to the police that this is an issue to do with a woman. We know from subsequent interviews that Justin says that Trista kidnapped Ayla, he has probably been hinting this to the police from the beginning as well, before he finally came right out and claimed it eventually.

Mean Apogee, also known as Black Moon Lilith (castration, frustration, powerlessness) at 0 Taurus (another Aries Point) conjunct Jupiter (expansion, helpers) sextile Hades (spurious lawsuits, dropped college courses, criminal cases); trine Isis-Pluto (sibling rivalry, legalities among siblings); opposite Dziewanna (skeletons in the closet)/; sextile Chiron (wound)/Vesta (big mess); opposite Saturn (the body, police, older person, pick your battles). Still in the 3rd house, this could be showing us how frustrated Justin becomes with communication about the case, and indeed blogs sprung up and he even accused Trista of telling tales in one of his few public statements.

Karma (fate) at 3 Taurus conjuncts Trista’s AC; sextile Hera (vindictiveness); trine Orcus (extreme anger); opposite Osiris (death). This may again be showing us that some sort of communication (3rd house) about or from Trista brought about extreme anger and death.

The asteroid Phaethon represents vehicles or transportation, and in the 911 chart, it makes many interesting connections. Phaethon is sextile Dionysus (intoxication); square Persephone (to abduct); trine Elatus (mislead or deceive); opposite Deucalion (tough, cold, brutal, ordeals)/Ceto (monsters within us); trine Niobe/Icarus (see above); square Pallas (planning, seeing the pattern); and sextile Derek* (name asteroid for Derek Tudela, Justin DiPietro’s best friend, insurance salesman and alibi for Thursday and Friday before Ayla went missing)/Borasisi (lies we tell ourselves). We know that blood was found on Ayla’s car seat and in Justin’s truck, so these connections should help us form a picture of what may have happened in it. Earlier we also saw references in the midpoints of a “fast-moving vehicle” in conjunction with “reliable friends” so, with Phaethon sextile best friend Derek’s name asteroid, it brings to my mind the reports that not only did Derek claim he saw Ayla Thursday night, he also reportedly traveled to Portland to help Justin move a bed.

The IC is also known as “the end of the matter” so perhaps the asteroids conjunct here can enlighten us further. We find Urania (astrology, bigger picture) conjunct Hephaistos (lameness or crippling). Martha Lang-Wescott says of this union: keeping a level head while caught between two warring factions. This pair is trine Hebe (young girl) which also might show “going along” conjunct  Mars (anger, murder, perp); square asteroid House (Ayla was removed from the house somehow); trine Panacea (to balance)/Tantalus (unforgivable crime)/Verdun (blood on the floor). That’s a lot to decipher.

Next up in the 4th house of the grave is Asbolus (soot, fireplace) conjunct Sedna (deceit and betrayal). This pair is sextile Varuna (justice); square Eros (lust) and Aphidas (security and protection); opposite Bacchus (drunkenness); square Nessus (abuse) and Apophis (destruction); sextile Ceres (food, mother) and Salacia (smooth-flowing or not). This could show a picture of deceit around the issues of food and abuse in regards to Ayla, and indeed the paternal family claims that there wasn’t “blood” found, but vomit with traces of blood in it. According to Trista Reynolds, the police told her vomit and blood were found both on Justin’s bed and in the back of his truck.

Next up, at 26 Taurus, which is the home of Algol, the most violent star in the heavens according to some astrologers, sits Admetos. Admetos can indicate a tight spot, a small compartment, or restriction. It is conjunct true Black Moon Lilith and sextile Vulcanus men, to do with men); sextile Achilles (vulnerable point); square Siwa (rewriting the rulebook). This seems to indicate a scenario of being put into a compromising position by someone (a man?) playing by their own rules.

Asteroid Altjira (indifference to suffering) is opposite Mercury (child), Photographica, and Okyrhoe (being attacked); and trine Sphinx (mystery), Amor (love between parents and children), Klotho (conditions at the beginning) and Pandora (out of the box); and square Orcus (rage). This could be showing us that Ayla suffered from indifference to her suffering by others in the house, which contributed to this event (4th house, end of the matter).

It’s interesting to note that the Vertex, the turning point or “point of no return” is at 25 Leo. This is placement is considered to be not only one of the most violent points in the zodiac but also a degree of “alcoholism”. Trista claims that she needed to go to rehabilitation, which is how Ayla ended up with Justin. Justin also was arrested for driving with alcohol in his vehicle after Ayla’s disappearance.

The facts and opinions discussed in this post are not intended to cast guilt on anyone or arouse feelings of anger or suspicion in the public. No one has been charged in the disappearance of Ayla Reynolds and everyone is a suspect. Any allegations towards anyone in the post have been supported below with links to articles in the media. We encourage open honest discussion, sharing of theories, and well wishes or prayers about Ayla in the comments section. What do you think happened to this beautiful baby?

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